Final day in Lorain – quite a variety!

Friday was our last full day in Lorain. We all had a variety of options of things to do. Here are some highlights of some of the things that happened.

Seven of us went to the Neighborhood Alliance, a local shelter, with a cooler full of Popsicles (cherry is the best), several bags of squirt guns, lots of bubbles and a tarp for creating a slip-n-slide. On this very hot afternoon, it was really fun! It is a family shelter, so we got to play with the kids there and got to know them better and just enjoyed having fun and being in the moment. We made so many great memories and met some amazing people and learned about the amazing shelter and how much they impact this amazing community.
Makae, Lydia, Ally, Josie, Morgan, Syd and Tom

For dinner, Next Step Ministries hosted a block party in the neighborhood. They provided the food and we provided the service, we invited the neighborhood families, led fun and games (until Landon broke the kickball!) and generally hung out with folks from the neighborhood. It was very hot (105 degree heat index) but a lot of fun!

After returning to the church, we had a talent show. There were many acts and some amazing talents were on display.  No, that picture of Terry is not upside down!  Enjoy the viewing – we will leave the sounds and actions to your imagination for now.  Perhaps we will have a video or two from talent night at our debrief on July 28.  Come and see for yourself!

Thanks to everyone for reading the blog this week and commenting.  The students have been very interested in hearing and seeing your comments.  It’s also been fun juggling small group leadership and blog master responsibilities.   


2 thoughts on “Final day in Lorain – quite a variety!

  1. What a fantastic last day . Looks like you made the most of it ! Thanks for sharing , safe travels home .

  2. Thank you for sharing another great day, and serving in the tropic heat! I think you’ll all want to “ sleep for a week” once you get home. Praying for a safe trip home.

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