Report from the girls!

Report from the girls… It’s been a fun-filled week on our worksite building a deck for Joanne. We have been able to work hard together as a group completely from Waunakee and we’ve built our bonds. There’s been a lot of progress on the deck, starting with fixing the joists, screwing on boards, and building railings. There was even a homeless shelter down the street from our worksite where we were able to tour today and hear about the amazing process they have for their residents. The men (it’s a men only shelter) are able to be educated through classes there, they’re able to shower, wash their clothes, and keep their belongings safe during the day. It was super cool for us to see and today due to the heat advisory here in Lorain, we brought the men cold Gatorades to cool down. It’s been a really eye opening learning experience working on our site and see what it’s like for others in different communities who are impoverished. We’ve been working on being slow to judge and seeing others in the way God sees them. Pretty cool right???! Our team was quick to gel together and it’s been fun getting to know everyone on a deeper level and creating bonds with everyone who’s on this Go Team. Can’t wait to share the stories with you mom 😉
-Crew 6 (Syd, Alli, Morgan, Josie, Bailey, Abby, Sandy, and Rachel)

Hey everyone, this is Emily Davis speaking on behalf of Crew Three. This week we have been working on a house shared by two people named Billy and Edward. We ate lunch with them all four days and during that time we got to talk about our faith, beliefs, struggles and many other things. These two have been living in this house together for about eight years and it was really fun talking to them about their faith journeys. Some of the projects we were working on this week were finishing the deck that had already been mostly built, building the stairs to the deck, insulating a room and tearing down a ceiling. Day one was a little slow, but days two and three moved much more smoothly. Day four (today) was a pretty frustrating day for most of us with how little time we had to finish so many projects, but in the end we all got to a point where we were satisfied with the work that we had done. Although we are looking forward to seeing you all and being back in air conditioning, we are all sad to see the week coming to an end. We have all grown very close and shared many unique experiences so get ready for many stories.
– Emily, Lydia, Brooke, Christa, Terry, and Key

Editor’s note – this evening we had an awesome experience at sunset on the shore of Lake Erie, followed by a dance competition won by Andrew Zhai, one of our leaders using his black belt karate moves!  Nice work, co-leader Andrew!


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  1. Beautiful. Thank you for taking time to share! Inspired by you all 💕

  2. I’m so proud of all of you! What a life changing experience! God is really working through each one of you!

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