Midweek check-in. A lot done and lots more to go!

Dearest friends and family,

Hellooooo from Ohio! My name is Jayden. It has been three days since the Blackhawk team arrived in Lorain County. Since then we have experienced breezy, warm summer days while serving in the community. It would be fair to say that my teammates and I are feeling fairly energetic, despite the low amounts of sleep each member is receiving (possibly due to the humidity of the sleeping rooms, or the growing smell of sausage sticks or something). Most kids are handling their withdrawal from phones pretty well, while others are obviously not.

My crew has been working on rebuilding a porch for Arlene and John, who are residents in a nearby neighborhood. Today, we have seen visible progress concerning the shape and structure of the porch. Our crew has been fortunate enough to experience Arlene’s and John’s encouragement and gratitude, and plans on finishing the porch tomorrow.
Blackhawk church has also been incredibly active outside of the volunteering hours. Students and leaders have visited great local ice cream shops and convenience stores, tossed balls and frisbees in the late hours, competed in chess and card games and much, much more.

Today we cleared all the construction debris from our site and, with the help of another team, took it to the dump.  There, one of the dump workers shared his personal testimony with us.

I believe that it is going to be a very successful week, and that Blackhawk will accomplish a lot.

I’d like to thank you for the time you have taken out of your day to keep up with Blackhawk’s mission trip, and to the leaders for trusting me to blog appropriately.

Additional members of this team include Trey, Josh, Andrew, Emery, Jackson, Landon, Tom and Kaylee, our Next Step leader. 

4 thoughts on “Midweek check-in. A lot done and lots more to go!

  1. Amazing works ! Thank you ! Missing my son but appreciate all the work and service

  2. Way to go, Blackhawk! Great to see & hear what God is doing through you all! Keep up His kingdom work!

  3. Awesome update, Jayden! We’re so grateful for this whole team – thanks for being the hands and feet of Jesus in Ohio, and for living out Blackhawk’s mission!

  4. Dearest cousin Jayden,

    We here in Wisconsin miss you with all of our hearts. Your life is a blessing to our humble family and I’m honored to hear of the miraculous work that you and your colleagues are undertaking in the great wilderness of Ohio. I am certain that your immediate family also misses you, but perhaps not as much as us (and maybe MJ).

    Let the blessings rain down,
    Your humble cousin Mia

    P.S. say hi to Andrew for me

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