It’s not all about work, ya know?!?

Hello friends and family:

Our group seems to have developed a relationship with a local ice cream store. On Monday afternoon, 5 of us went for ice cream at K-Cream Korner, a local ice cream shop. It tasted great after working all day in 85 and 90 degree heat. So…Monday night most of our group went there. They were no longer open but…Tom the owner was there and he asked his crew to reopen for us. We were thrilled!

They have a special place in their heart for mission trip participants (even giving us a discount). They also make their own orange sherbet  Mmmm, good!

Then, on Tuesday afternoon…

After a long hot day of hard work, Tom (one of the leaders) took some of us out for ice cream. It was a great time and the ice cream hit the spot. We had a wonderful conversation and it was a perfect way to bond. Overall, it was a great second day and we can’t wait to continue making memories!

Kiersten, Halle, Makae, and Lydia


6 thoughts on “It’s not all about work, ya know?!?

  1. Great work all of you. Fantastic pictures and posts. Love it. You are all an inspiration to me. Way to go.

  2. Love the work you’re doing, and the smiles that come after a days’ work you can be incredibly proud of.

  3. LOVE seeing these great pictures!! Praying for you! Keep up the hard work and the fun!

  4. Yay Tom!! That orange sherbet looks amazing. Keep up the great work!!

  5. Sounds like you guys are working hard! Ice cream sounds like exactly what you all need after a hot day. Kudos to both Toms!

  6. I would have signed up if I knew there was ice cream!!! Jk. I would love to be there because of how awesome all of you are. Keep working hard, keep supporting each other, and keep eating delicious things. So proud of y’all!!!

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