Crew 1 update

Crew 1 has been working phenomenally on the fence at Miss Sheila’s house. She has provided us lunch so far, making it much more accommodating for everyone. We are currently all done with the railing on the fence and have just started the picketing. A girl named Morgan who lives down the street has kept us company with her kindness and jokes. It puts a smile on her face when we come and hangout with her as she has grown up facing a lot of adversity. Miss Sheila is a very motivated, kind-hearted lady; she still manages to make sure we are all fed and that everything is going well even though she just got back from the hospital yesterday. We have been keeping Miss Sheila in our prayers and hoping for a speedy recovery. Overall it has been a busy but fun-filled week with meeting Morgan and Miss Sheila. Crew 1 is excited and looking forward to our next few days of finishing the fence!

Andrew, Henry, Drew, Owen, Tyler, Luis, Giorgia, Annabel, Payton, Grace, Nick, and Kayla

4 thoughts on “Crew 1 update

  1. So proud of my niece and nephew, Grace and Andrew Olson!! I love that you’re working hard for Miss Sheila. I hope you and your entire crew have a safe and blessed week! Love, Auntie Traci (and your Mom)

  2. Guys, I’m so proud of you for serving and loving up Miss Sheila. Hope the week has been amazing for all! Love Alicia & the Lundal crew

  3. What a wonderful group of kids helping out people in need! Parents (and grandparents) are so proud of them all:) Great pics, looking forward to hearing about the trip! ❤️ Grandma KK

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