Fantastic First Day!

Our first day of work was spent framing the base for a deck and ramp. It was tiring work, but a day well spent with our fellow teammates. It was so cool to see how our team worked together, encouraging each other and laughing with each other, to make a lot of work seem like a little. We were very excited to meet Ms. Cindy, the homeowner, and we also got a chance to walk her dog, Mr. Yappy. We look forward to talking with her throughout the week and learning more about her life. Some of our highlights from the day include purchasing a bag of fresh ice, realizing we didn’t get sunburnt, digging a 42 inch hole, watching our project progress, working with an awesome crew and talking together during lunch devotional. We saw God in so many ways today and cannot wait to see more of his work through the rest of this week. Yay God!!

Gabi Dobereiner and the rest of Crew 2


4 thoughts on “Fantastic First Day!

  1. Great to hear about your first day– sounds like you’re working hard. We’ll be praying for all of you, that God will give you joy and strength as you serve and interact with others (even Mr. Yappy!).

  2. Awesome work guys! So impressed with what you guys are doing. Please continue to share. We love to see how God is working and how we can pray for you all.

  3. Hey Gabi and Josh from Madison missions!! Hope you’re having fun!! -Addie and Maggie

    Hi everyone! Praying for you all this week that God will use your team in mighty ways! Keep the updates coming, so fun to follow! 😊
    -Drew and Gretchen

  4. Gabi- Loved reading what you and your team are up to! Praying God will continue to show himself to you through the work you do and people you interact with. – Aunt Anne
    *ps, kids thought Mr Yappy was a hilarious dog name:)… and sweet T-shirt

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