Donni’s II

Hi, my name is Tristan, and I have been working at Donni’s house. Donni is truly a remarkable person as she is provides a loving, stable and caring home to many children who have had to endure abusive households, constantly moving, and in homes unequipped to take care of them. She now has six children living at home, but has fostered many more. The projects my crew undertook was a series of odd jobs around the house ranging from making and painting shutters, to painting rooms, but the odd thing was no matter what project you were on you also had a secondary job. That job was to talk to the kids and make friends. As it turns out that job was far more important than any physical repairs or work that we were doing, as Donni and her kids were sorely lacking human contact. Donni explained to us that many of her children had been bullied at school and have been unable to make friends. One of her children was so afraid of the new people working on the house he hid underneath a boat in the backyard. This was truly remarkable to me because it reminded me that being rich in friends and connections and people is far superior to being rich in material wealth.

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