Donni’s house

Hello! My name is Gabi. For the past few days, I have been a part of the crew working at the home of a woman named Donni. Donni is an amazing person! She currently has six kids living under her roof, but cares for many more during the day. Most of our work this week consisted of painting, building shutters, and a few other projects around her house. At first the work didn’t seem like much, but this allowed us a chance to hear more of Donni’s story. She shared stories about her kids and how much of an impact we have in their lives. She explained that even though our work was a huge help to her, the fact that we were at her home spending time with her kids, who don’t necessarily have many strong friendships, made a greater difference in their lives. One of the things we remember most is from our daily lunch devotionals, Donni taught us the lesson she teaches her kids. She told us to be history-makers. This doesn’t mean that we have to change the world; it just means that every day we should strive to brighten someone’s day, which could be as simple as a smile.

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  1. This post made my day. Make that week! And maybe as a proud mom my eyes for a little leaky reading it. Thanks for sharing Gabi! So thankful you and your team have had a chance to spend time with Donni. Sounds like the world would be a better place if we all had the same chance and reminder. Be a difference maker. In small ways or big. Finish strong Joplin team. Can’t wait to hear all your stories in person. Pray all have stayed safe and healthy save for some blisters and sunburn. Travel safe home. Gabi-I officially got bumped up in tennis today. Moved up to 3.5. No state tennis for me.

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