Crew 1 – Pavillion

Hello ladies and gentlemen, tis I, Kaleb, here with a tale of strength, heroism and God’s almighty power. I am a part of the crew working on the pavilion this week that has included lots and lots of hole digging. Yesterday, we had finally reached our final hole, which unfortunately had been previously filled with cement when the hole wasn’t yet deep enough. So, three of us were tasked with getting the hole deep enough to allow room for the post. One of the Next Step interns had the idea of sledgehammering a spud bar deep into the cement with the hope of cracking it up so we could just pull out the broken pieces. Great idea, right? Wrong. Nick, one of our fearless leaders, hammered the bar deep into the cement and we were feeling good about our plan until we tried to take the spud bar out. Believe it or not, trying to yank a spud bar out of 4 inches of hardened cement is not as easy as it may seem. I’m talking sword-in-the-stone Excalibur stuck, that boy wasn’t coming out. We set out to try and remove the bar and almost everyone in the worksite gave it a try but to no avail. By now, lunch was growing nearer, it was getting hotter and hotter outside and it seemed all hope was lost. Then, out of nowhere came a cloud and we were blessed with some shade. A feeling came over all of us and we knew the time had come to remove the sword from the stone. Will started going at it, yanking and pulling and twisting the bar all around with the rest of us yelling encouragement for him. Then, the bar came up and we all lost it. Our mission was completed. Now, I tell you that to tell you this, God was very present at our worksite in that moment. Philippians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” and you best believe the Joplin story of King Arthur (Will) and Excalibur (the spud bar) shows his mighty power and glory.

4 thoughts on “Crew 1 – Pavillion

  1. I could not love this more! Kaleb-God is going to do mighty things with your extensive hole-digging skills! Second year in a row! That’s gotta mean something. Thanks for this animated visual explanation. Love you!

  2. Love the Excaliber analogy! 🙂 Kaleb, you are not only a gifted hole-digger, but also a gifted writer. Great work… On both accounts.

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