Crew #1 and 2 are working across the street from Journey Church where we are staying. We are continuing work on a pavilion for the community. The crew is pushing through the heat and humidity to dig footing holes for post. We were able to get them done by the end of day 2 which we were all happy about. We make sure to take breaks with popsicles and go back to the church for some AC breaks.


After lunch a small group of the crew stays at the church and leads K-5 students in a VBS program. Our day 2 Bible lesson was on Jesus bring Lazarus back to life and learning how to wait and trust in God’s plan which is not easy at all. We also play games and have craft time with the kids. On Monday, a couple of the crewmembers made an obstacle course for the kids to go through using some small objects. The craft time was cool for day 2, we helped the kids tie dye shirts.


 – Rachel


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