Day One – Monday


6 pm


Today was our first day of work and we have three crews. One crew went to Donni’s house, one went to God’s Resort, and another stayed at the church to work outside at the garden and the pavilion. Our devotion today was about how we all have questions for God, and how God wants us to be honest with ourselves and each other about our questions and doubts. The group working at God’s Resort started construction on apartment buildings, and the group at Donni’s house worked on painting one of her daughter’s rooms. After work, the team went to the Joplin Tornado Memorial and learned more about the horrific tragedy that struck this city. Today, I worked at God’s Resort, a transitional housing place, and I am feeling very blessed for my family and friends, because today opened my eyes and made me realize there are many people who don’t have a stable home. God is already doing amazing things here in Joplin in day one, and I can’t wait for day 2!


-Grace O.

8 thoughts on “Day One – Monday

  1. Thanks for the insight from one of the team members. Grace O-I am Gabi’s mom. I met your mom last night, we played tennis against each other. Fun to discover we both attend Blackhawk and she said her daughter was in Joplin right now. I said mine too! Have a great day team! Continued prayers for hydration, support amongst the team and God moving through each of you.

  2. Thanks for the message Grace. Proud of the work you and team are doing in Joplin. Their community needs our prayers and the help of your team – keep it up! Praying for good weather, building of strong relationships with your team and members of the Joplin community and of course for everyone’s safety.

    Love You – Dad!

  3. It’s so great to hear what you’re working on in Joplin (and to see the photos on Instagram). What a beautiful, impactful experience for everyone involved. I’m excited to keep witnessing your journey and God’s work.

  4. Grace, I loved hearing an update on your trip to Joplin so far! I hope you continue to see God working all around you, in your work, in the relationships and in the community you are serving. Keep asking HIM questions! He loves our honest and humble hearts coming to Him so He can transform us! Love you, G!!
    Auntie Carrie

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