A day in the life if Team 6

Today was Day 3 of our Joplin trip and Crew 6 (Evan, Sam, Ross, Hans, Paige, Zoe, Chloe, Anna, Elliot, Katie, Sydney) had a really productive DAY. Our group is working in a church which has only been around a short while and they need help rebuilding the interior of the building. The name of the church is "The Way" and their mission is to help introduce Jesus to people that have broken lives and need him to help them. Our projects today included mudding the bathroom, painting the walls a blue-grey color, as well as building a wall that will be used as an entryway to the church. Our leaders brought us snacks and people from Journey Church ( the church we are staying at) brought us popsicles to help cool us off a little bit 🙂 We had a great lunch devotion time because the questions really prompted us to share some of our stories and helped us connect better with each other. God stories from the Bible were also shared. We have had an amazing week so far and are so blessed to be on this trip. We hope that all of you at home are doing amazing as well 🙂 
From Crew 6, fondly known as the Avacados

One thought on “A day in the life if Team 6

  1. Avacados. Great team name! 🙂
    How cool that your team is helping a church that is so intentional to help those hurting. Snacks already hello. Keep up the great work. We are all so proud of you all!
    “Momma Fricke”

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