Live From The Field

Today was day 1 of Joplin! Journey Church is the church that we are staying at this week. The church has an initiative called 2 in 5. With this initiative, the church wants to build relationships with every family within a 2 mile radius in the span of 5 years. Most of our projects that we are doing are in this 2 mile radius. These projects include building fences, decks, and so much more! It was hot and sweaty but everyone pushed through for a great first day of work. We are excited to keep developing relationships with those we serve this week! 
Crew 1- Da Bruddas
Leah, Elise, Mariana, Luke, Kip, Jenna, Sophia, Cade, Jillian, Jay, Daniell

5 thoughts on “Live From The Field

  1. We here at Blackhawk Impact Ministries are thinking and praying for you daily! Excited to hear about the stories and relationships you will build. Be extra nice to the volunteer leaders! 🙂

  2. Thanks for writing the post! I’m sure it’s hard work- in the heat. Very proud of the work you are all doing!

  3. Journey Church reminds me of that song from the backpacking trip:

    The journey, the journey, the journey is long! (repeat 100 times)

    Have fun everybody. You are doing good work this week.

  4. 2 in 5. What an awesome way for a church to care for their neighbors.
    I’m sure the Blackhawk-Joplin team will have a positive impact helping the church on this Journey. See what I did there. 🙂 Seriously though, great work team. We know how hot it must be but you’re doing awesome things. All of us back home are praying for you and cheering you on from 600+ miles away!
    “Momma Fricke”

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