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Paige here. We arrived to the church, Johnston Evangelical Free Church, around 8:00pm, where we were welcomed with air conditioning and a relaxing commons area to chat and throw around a ball. You’d be surprised what teenagers can find to do with little resources after a day of traveling! We set up our air mattresses and other sleeping devices and headed to bed around 11pm. The girls awoke to singing and dancing from the lovely leader, Rose Pendleton! The boys were awakened by the signature Jake Hollman, "Morning everyone!" After a breakfast of bagels and bananas, we headed into the 9 o’ clock church service. We sat in the auditorium, very similar to the Blackhawk venues at Brader Way, and listened to a speaker talk about the Kingdom of God. Powerful stuff! Shortly after the service, we packed our belongings and headed onto the bus where I sit now. 
I’m Hans. I am going to be a senior at Waunakee High School in the fall. My hobbies include golfing and playing golf and then also playing golf sometimes. Yeah I play golf. I could probably talk about it forever. I chose to go on this trip because I enjoy going on adventures and learning about different cultures. Honestly I’m not sure what to expect in Joplin. I hope that I’m able to connect with new people and learn about myself. Last year in Rosedale, WV. I met some friends that I still talk with. 
I pray that on this trip I can connect with God in a way that I’ve never seen him before. 
Please be praying for our awesome bus driver, Randy. Please pray for our overall safe travels to and from Joplin and within the city. Please pray for all the students on the trip and that each student will personally grow closer to Christ in a new profound way. 
Thanks for reading along.
Hans and Paige
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3 thoughts on “Post from Paige and Hans

  1. So proud of all 54 of you! We are praying that your wonderful Joplin-journey is filled with grace, joy and compassion. Great first post kudos to H & P! Love you guys! Meganck M&D. 😘

  2. Hans….. do you like golf? 😉 Praying for all of you this week! I hope you have an amazing time and make a big impact on all those you meet!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Hans! Hope you guys are having an amazing time. Give Elliot a big hug from his mom. 🙂 We are praying for all of you!!

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