The Copperheads! Ahh!

Crew 5, aka the Copperheads was helping at Lynn’s through out the week in Rosedale. While there, we were building her a new house. The current house she lives in is starting to cave in from the hill that is right behind it. The new house meets the definition of a tiny house that is budgeted to come in at under $15k, which is more reasonable “Tiny House Hunters.” It was cool to be apart of this site to realize we do not need material possessions to have a good quality of life just shelter, bed, kitchen, and clothes.

We had many different projects to accomplish during the week. Upon our arrival the house had the outside walls up and wrapped and the inside walls studded out. The outside walls just needed the siding to be finished. We had a stack of boards to stain before we could start nailing the siding. We were able to side two of the sides during the week.

Another project was digging holes and trenches. The holes are for the deck that will be built in the coming weeks. The trench is for the waterline. While digging the trench, some of the guys on the crew were laying out some awesome beats for us to jam to.

We also had some inside projects that we helped complete. We put up the venting on the roof. We also put insulation between all the studs. A few of us also helped to build the storage loft and utility closet. We ran the plumbing and electrical wiring as well.

Overall it was a great week and we are happy to report that we did not come in contact with any snakes after being alerted that they were around the property. The crew was able to get to know each other better during all of the tasks. We got a chance to talk to Lynn and hear her story, we found out she has a phobia of large groups so we took shifts talking to her when she was outside to see our progress. Lynn grew up in the community and is living on the land that her family has owned for many years.

We are excited to get home to share more of the week  and find ways to impact the Madison area with our faith that changed for the better this past week.

God Bless,


P.S. See you all later tonight when we return to Blackhawk!

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