INTRODUCING: Your 2015 WV Leader Line-up!!!


My name is Tamika Ellefson. I have been with high school ministry for 5 years. This is my second time going to West Virginia. I was so changed by the first trip, I wanted to go again to see how God ismoving among the community. I am anticipating to be fully humbled and awestruck by how God will use us to further His kingdom.

Hi! The name’s Schultz. ALEX Schultz. I graduated from UW-Madison in 2014 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and now work for Epic in Verona, WI. I started leading in the high school ministry with Blackhawk in January of this year and decided to go to West Virginia because there was a need for leaders and I knew it would be a gre1956923_10152252432261201_1572822461_oat opportunity to deepen relationships while serving as the hands and feet of God. In my spare time I play sports, enjoy quality family/friend time, and recently picked up word working. Definitely harder than I thought it would be.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: BOB HAY. I have been working with Blackhawk’s High School ministry for years.  I love to lead missions trips with students where I enj

BobsPhoto 2oy teaching them building skills and challenging them to dig deeper within to discover strengths  they don’t know they have.  It is a blessing to see God working in all of us as we endure difficult working conditions and unexpected frustrations.  It is great to see how quickly we bond as a team after 4 days of work.

I’m Rachel Haberkorn, this past year I helped out and co-lead a group of girls from the Mount Horeb Home Group and really enjoyed being a part of the Blackhawk High School Ministry Team.  I’m excited for the West Virginia trip as it gets closer.  I chose to go to West VirginiaWV Blog because I feel that the use of my hands and providing my time is how God is leading me to further His kingdom and share my faith.

Hi! My name is Nate McClain and I am currently an intern with the High School Ministry. Last summer I had the chance to go on the West Virginia trip and it was a pretty amazing experience. The students I was with were a really awesome group of people and getting to see them interact with the people we were helping was pretty cool. These students began to Meunderstand that it isn’t about how much we can get done but it was about the impact we can make on the lives of those we came to serve. I think being a part of that again and getting to see the change in the community over the past year is the reason I really want to come back!

My name is Lauren Augustine and I am a senior at UW-Madison studying Community & Environmental Sociology.  I decided to come on this trip to explore different missiIMG_0811on opportunities to pursue post-college. I’m so excited to see how God works in the hearts of the team as well as the people that we encounter!


Jake Hollman: I am one of the leaders going to West Virginia this year.  This will be my 6th year being a leader on high school mission trips.  I am married to Michelle who selflessly supports my passion to go on these trips.   I also have 4 kids.  They range in age from 20, 18, 5 and 3.My wife and I own The UPS Store in Fitchburg and I also am the business manager at Next Step Ministries.  God put it on my heart to use my experience and passion to help Next Step grow as a business which in turns helps spread the word of Jesus.I am excited to work with the entire team while we are in West Virginia.  I pray that each of us grow relationally and spiritually during the trip.  I’m here to help, if you need anything please don’t be afraid to ask.jake blog picture

Hi, I’m Jessica Buelow.  I graduated UW-Whitewater in May with an Accounting and Finance degree.  I have been co-teaching children’s ministry on Sunday since last September.  This is my first missions trip and I am very excited to be helping lead this trip.  I can’t wait to see how God works on this trip with the team and see how the relationship grow with the community members.



Hi there! My name is Alyssa Colbert, I just graduated from UW-Madison in May with a human development and family studies degree. I am currently nannying this Summer and interning at Blackhawk Church in high school ministries and will continue my internship for this next year! I lead on the west Virginia trip last year as well and I love the way relationships build so quickly during this week. I love the way God shows up through service and teaches all of us the joy that comes through helping others physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I am so excited to see how this group will grow together and how God will intersect with each one of us and how we can bring that experience back to Madison and to our every day lives. alyssa


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