Time for some pictures!!!

We interrupt this daily blogging session to bring some random photos that will hopefully show you how much fun we all had being the hands and feet of Jesus in West Virginia!!



On Thursday Night, we had a cookout at a park right by the community center and community members could come eat and hang out with us! It was a blast to play around and continue to build relationships with each other and the residents of Rosedale. cookout pic

On Friday, we had a free day in which we went to the beach and got to relax and enjoy each other before heading home! This is crew 3, look how much they love each other!!!!!!

crew three

Students hanging out at the community center in Rosedale patiently awaiting dinner! Noah suspiciously holding a squirt gun…

group photo

On Friday night, we all played this game titled “Poison” Everyone stood in a circle and held hands. There were two water jugs in the middle and the goal of the game is to have other people in the circle touch the water jugs, but not touch them yourself. If someone touches the water cooler in the middle or lets go of someone’s hand, they are out. It got pretty crazy and intense, but super fun!

poison game photo

A big continuous game that the students, leaders, and next step interns played this week was: “What are the odds?” The game goes a little something like this: Alex (Next Step intern below) asked Rachel (also below) “what are the odds that I can crack an egg on your head?” Rachel said “one in ten”. Then they both had to say a number in between one and ten at the same time. If they said different numbers, then Rachel didn’t have to have an egg cracked on her head, but if they said the same number, then Alex could crack the egg. Well, you can guess what happened. Alex got to crack an egg on Rachel’s head! Don’t worry though, they played again and Rachel got to throw an egg at Alex for some sweet revenge!

rachel and alex egg

Crew One got to work down at the Community Center building future housing for Next Step interns. This work site started as six holes in the ground and by the end of week looked like this! This crew saw some sweet fruit from their labor! It is amazing what God and His people can accomplish in one week!




crew one