Day Five and Six

Today is Friday and it is our free day!!

Everyone got to sleep in a little bit! We were off to the beach at around 9:30am.

There was food, sand sculptures, frisbee, friends, and possibly some jumping….

It was great to have one last day together before we had to go back to our everyday lives. God revealed Himself in the splendor of His creation and in the continued love our group showed the one another and the other people who were at the beach.

After our fun day, we returned to Anchor church and watching the final video in the series for the week! It wrapped up everything we had learned that week about lies and deception and how the world can look attractive, but ultimately, those things will let you down. However, there is someone who will never let us down. Someone who loves us perfectly, even if we can’t understand how. Someone who has broken our chains and set us free. A kind of humbled himself before us and who is the ultimate example of how to love and how to serve. 

Prayers that the students and leaders on this trip would continue to know and believe these words even as we leave West Virginia and return to our every day lives. That we might be changed by these words and these revelations about who we are and who God is. Also, prayers that you might know that this is true of you as well.

What is one of the best ways to end a mission trip?? AN EPIC DANCE PARTY! We all got to stay up until midnight and dance and experience the joy of being set free!!

That epic dance party set us up for one early morning. We were on the bus and driving away at 6:00am! It was a bittersweet feeling driving away, a lot of students and leaders expressed that they could have stayed another week and how much that week, the Next Step interns, and God impacted them!

Overall, it was a fantastic, life-changing week full of laughs, tears, sweat, love, service, community, and Jesus.

In Christ,

The West Virginia Team