West Virginia Team, Friends, and Family:

Here are the rest of the amazing leaders going on the West Virginia trip!! 🙂


Emily Bostrom- Emily just graduated from UW-Madison with a degree in Psychology & Religious Studies. She will be using that to psychoanalyze your students’ faith as an intern with HSM this year (Just joking, mostly…but she really will be an intern)! Emily has gone on short term mission trips to Appalachia in Tennessee since she was a freshman in high school, and she is excited to see the Appalachian culture manifested in West Virginia. Before trusting Emily with your children, you should know that she is from Minnesota, is a Vikings fan, and occasionally says things like, “Dontcha know”. You’ve been warned. 


John Triscari- John is one of the leaders in the Middleton Home Group.  He also volunteers with One to One Care ministries and at the food pantry garden when time permits. John works at Epic as a Technical Services Analyst, and before he started there, he spent 4 years as a math teacher in the Minneapolis area.  Although he has been on mission trips to four different states, this will be his first with Blackhawk HSM.  John is excited to learn, grow, and serve in West Virginia this summer!


Bob Hay- Bob is a long time Blackhawker and a retired herpetologist that loves working with people, especially high school students.  He is grateful to be going on this year’s West Virginia missions trip where he can work side-by-side with students, help teach them some building skills and serve the local community together.  Bob looks forward to getting to know this team of students better and prays that this trip is life-changing for all of us.


Luke Deprey-Luke is a senior at UW-Madison studying personal finance. He loves going up to his cabin in the summer where they have family and go fishing a lot. Luke’s hobbies include board games, card games, Frisbee, Spikeball, and reading.


Marilyn Beach- Marilyn is a nurse who is looking for new adventures as she approaches retirement age. She was a middle school youth group volunteer for 5 years at Blackhawk prior to the John Rosensteel days.  She is looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing a new part of the U.S!



In Christ,

2 thoughts on “PUMPED YET?!

  1. Looks like an outstanding team. I’m praying for you. Hope you find some snakes while Bob is around – he’ll turn it into a “praise God” learning moment.

  2. What a nice looking group of leaders! I will be praying for you all. I am forever changed by my experience there last year- humbling doesn’t even begin to describe it all. I look forward to reading the updates..take care of yourself and especially each other!

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